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Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour Gel is a high-tech, pearlized instant rescue eye gel that counters and prevents early aging signs. These include puffiness, dull skin, dark circles, and eye bags brought on by stress, lack of sleep, and eyestrain caused by digital devices.

Avocado Oil
Vitamins and Minerals

Rewind The Signs Of Fatigued Eyes

The fragile skin around our eyes is the most vulnerable to signs of aging. Due to today’s modern lifestyle, our eyes are constantly exposed to various stressors – blue light, UV rays, air-conditioning, and pollution – that lead to tiredness and sluggish circulation around the eye contour.

Round-the-Clock Repair

Experience 24-7 protection as your eye treatment continues working all day and all night to repair your skin cells.

Age Reversal

Combat and prevent signs of aging including eye bags, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dullness.

Hydration Cushion

HA-Booster battles dryness caused by long hours of exposure to air-conditioning by optimizing and boosting hydration.

Resistance Enhancer

CA+3 strengthens skin’s DNA to resist pollution and the various stressors of modern life.

Actives Activation

Globes d’ Actifs’ spheres target specific skin conditions with specific actives.

The Creation Of A Miracle Eye Elixir

CA+3 is a Beaubelle-exclusive compound consisting of centella asiatica extract (from an ancient herb known as the ‘miracle elixir of life’) along with persea gratissima (avocado) oil, bisabolol, and oryzanol that magically heals and strengthens the skin’s DNA to reveal skin that is firm, radiant, and more youthful around the eye contour.

A Superstar Moisture Booster. For Long-lasting Hydration

HA-Booster instantly plumps and deeply penetrates the skin for intense and continuous moisture. With a unique ability to attract and bind water to the skin’s surface, HA-Booster fills up the spaces between the connective fibers – collagen and elastin – to deliver supple, healthy-looking, flawless skin.

The Healing Power Of Vitamins-Bisabolol and Oryzanol

Infused with vitamins, Avocado Oil provides an anti-inflammatory and calming effect on the skin while providing anti-oxidant defense against environmental assaults. Together with Bisabolol and Oryzanol, these three power-packed ingredients nourish, soothe, and restore the skin.

The Wonder Of Switzerland
In Every Bottle

Alpine Spring Water

The key to healthy, glowing skin is water. But not all water is created equal. Natural thermal water drawn from the heart of the Swiss Alps, flows through rocky mountains and underground rocks, collecting rich minerals along the way until it resurfaces as pure Swiss Alpine Spring Water that forms the basis of every Beaubelle skincare product.

The Ultimate Beauty Secret Lies In A Sphere

Suspended in HA-Booster, a clear gel that provides a cushion of hydration, Globes d’ Actifs’ spheres contain specific actives targeted at specific conditions of the skin. Embedded in these precious spheres is the perfect union between water and robust active ingredients that blend seamlessly so that skin looks amazingly fresher, smoother, and hydrated.

Global Sellout.

Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour Gel sold out within 15 minutes after it was launched in South Korea, which ranks among the global top 10 markets for beauty products.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Great product and it works . I tried a disciplined routine of applying it 3 times a day 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and another before bedtime. Works like magic after 3 days , highly recommending to anyone who has fatigued eye contour.

Rohaini Yusoof

There’s certainly something special in this product, I’ve tried so many different kinds of eye products but nothing seems to make me look like I had a good sleep. I work late at night most of the time and this is just a life saver! Amazing product!

Hannah Tan

#mylatenightsaver , and your design is just pure creative.

Arina Ria


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Recommended for

Eyes showing the first signs of aging including puffiness, dark circles, and fatigued eye contour to mature skin with visible signs of aging.

Recommended Eye Regimen

Everyone is unique and creative with their skincare regimen, here’s a recommended regimen from our experts. To give you amazingly brighter eyes – without make up.

1. Essential Eye Concentrate

Apply before Anti-Fatigue Eye Contour Gel


Apply A.M. and P.M. daily.


Massage in a circular motion with Essential Eye Concentrate as a base before applying Anti Fatigue Eye Contour Gel for greater results.


Tap gently, until the serum is absorbed into the skin.

2. Anti Fatigue Eye Contour Gel

Apply immediately after Essential Eye Concentrate


Apply in the A.M. and P.M.


Massage in a circular motion around the eye contour.


Tap lightly with your ring finger to gently stimulate circulation and encourage better absorption.